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At VMentor, we don't just teach—we mentor. Our expert tutors provide online education to help you achieve your educational goals and succeed in your future endeavours.

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Join us to unlock your full potential with VMentor - a trusted name in educational services.

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Our personality development training aims to empower students with the skills to achieve academic and personal success.


We offer academic support for students in a range of subjects, helping them attain their academic goals with confidence.


Counselling support for students to help them overcome challenges and achieve their full potential.

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Master the english language with VMentor
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English for kids (Ages 7 - 14)

2 Month certification program

In today's globalized world, English language proficiency is an essential skill that can unlock numerous opportunities in education, career, and life. At VMentor, we understand the importance of learning English, and our online tutoring platform provides the personalised and expert guidance your child needs to excel by being confident and mastering the language.

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Personalised tutoring

Personalised learning experience with a dedicated tutor on VMentor.

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Affordable and effective group tutoring on VMentor.

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    Frequently asked questions

    What is the duration of the demo classes?

    The demo classes last up to 30–40 minutes, approximately.

    Are the demo classes recorded?

    Yes, the demo classes are recorded for training and quality purposes only.

    What equipment do I need for my online classes?

    To attend the online classes, you need a desktop or laptop and a broadband connection.

    Do we have batches or group classes?

    Yes, we do have 4 to 6 students per batch.

    Learn live from expert tutors at VMentor

    Providing live and interactive learning experiences for students with our expert tutors.

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    We invite educators across India to collaborate with us as we enhance the potential of every student in our nation.

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