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Our Story

The roots of the VMentor lie with the passion of the founders of Empowerment Education Private Limited. Col. Dr Surinder Singh Gulati is a doctor and a medical professor while his wife, Mrs Dharinder Kaur Gulati has been a teacher for more than 15 years specializing in primary education. With a passion for teaching instilled in her since childhood, she and her husband devoted their lives to the field of education as educators. They decided to make a lasting impact which started with opening a preschool that would nurture and inspire the next several generations of learners.

With the 2020 Pandemic, our nation was exposed to the benefits of online learning. It was during this time that they acted on the opportunity and brought their love for teaching to the digital space. Having a goal of providing students with quality education that transcends geographical barriers, the VMentor online tutoring programme was born.

‘Education is the key to a productive and fulfilling life. Our goal is to make education accessible to all students, no matter where they are.’, says Mrs. Gulati. The VMentor programme serves as a pathway to security and prosperity for the student’s future. By using the internet, we offer students from all over India the opportunity to receive personalized education from experienced tutors nationally.

Their unwavering commitment to education has driven them to innovate during challenging times, and the VMentor programme stands as a testament to their dedication.

How do parents benefit from VMentor?

Enhancing your child’s education with online tutoring – convenient, personalized, and affordable!

Support your child’s education with ease using VMentor. Enjoy a wide range of benefits that make it a convenient and attractive alternative to traditional in-person tutoring.

  • Online Tutoring provides flexibility and convenience. Parents can schedule tutoring sessions at any time that works for them, without having to worry about travelling to and from a tutoring centre.
  • Our platform offers access to a wide range of resources and subject matter expertise. With a network of experienced tutors from around the nation, your child can receive specialized instruction in any subject they need help with.
  • We emphasise constant evaluation of your child’s academic progress to ensure steady improvement. Our expert tutors use various tools and techniques to assess your child’s performance and provide guidance for better results.
  • With affordable pricing and optimal quality, you can provide your child with the academic support they need to succeed.

Choose our online tutoring platform and give your child the opportunity they need to succeed. With flexible scheduling, subject matter expertise, tailored instruction, and affordability, your child will have everything they need to succeed in their studies.

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